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Whether your new drone just had an incident, or you'd rather have something different built to your specifications, X-Cel Aerial has you taken care of.

With over 3 years experience and being section 107 certified, X-Cel Aerial can accomplish a wide range of aerial photo tasks and events.

Drones can be deceptively complex to fly and manage for many.  Let X-Cel Aerial teach you everything from the basics to advanced techniques in as little as one hour.



Taking Pictures to New Heights

Drones change the way we view our world

Welcome to the future of how we see our world!  Since the winter of 2014, I've been expanding my knowledge, experience and "fleet" of drones.  And now that I've got a company, licensed to work, and armed with the capability to excel, I'm ready for the next level.  Whether you've got a drone that needs repair, a photo shoot done right, or would just like to learn more about your new drone, X-Cel Aerial has all those things covered.